A 60th anniversary retrospective for Maria Callas is being shown at the Royal Opera House in the United Kingdom.  The soprano singer will be honored with an exhibition of two of the costumes that she wore in several of her best known works.

One of the costumes that will be displayed is from 1952’s Norma, which is a gorgeous white and blue outfit. The fashion attraction will be the iconic red dress she wore in Tosca.

Although the production was so successful, it was said that Callas was so nervous on opening night that the director actually had to forcefully push her out on stage. However, the production went on to tour in countless of other countries.

Indeed, Callas’ final role was that of Tosca in 1965 and the red dress is the last one she ever wore at the Royal Opera House, making it a must-see for opera fans everywhere, particularly because her costumes are rare to find. Accessories used in her shows are also on display.

There is also another exhibit to commemorate the 100th anniversary of conductor Georg Solti, which will honor his achievements to opera.

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