The Louis Vuitton Damier Sarria can Travel on a Journey of a Lifetime

 A new book by several National Geographic writers, “Journey of a Lifetime” is an anthology of what they believe to be their favorite trips from both well-known and exotic locations. These gripping tales will have one on the edge of their seat when reading about boat trips to Antarctica and horse riding in the Andes.

If tired of reading toothless travel guides that offer nothing exciting and want to see an off the beaten path way of traveling then this is the book to choose.

22 Top 10 lists feature all the details of what to look out for when travelling with topics as diverse as the best elevator rides or the top 10 underground adventures.

Everything from The San Juan Skyway to the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps is represented. With over 500 different things in this book, savoring in all these adventure will take a while.

Funded by the world-famous National Geographic society, this book isn’t like any other ordinary travel guide with walls of text and microscopic black and white stock photos. Instead, this book has lavish photographs that capture the locations beautifully as well as maps of each and every location.

The book is cut up into 9 chapters which pertain to different travel methods across water, by road, rail, foot. The other chapters are devoted to food, following the footsteps of notables, cultural highlights and other interests pertaining to near and faraway places.

 This is one travel book to keep and set away on an adventure right from the arm chair.

And when on a ‘real’ adventure, take along an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Sarria Petite Handbag. This adorable and cute petite satchel is a discontinued design that Hillary Duff has in her vast collection.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Sarria is created in the sought after Damier checkerboard pattern canvas with calf leather trim in deep rich espresso.

The chic two rounded leather hand held structured bag that looks fantastic with anything. The bag can stand upright with its own and is completely covered in smooth dark chocolate leather.

Chunky gold tone square hardware softens the geometrical pattern of Damier an otherwise tailored appearance.

This versatile everyday bag features an interior that's accessed through a double zipped opening. The Louis Vuitton initials are engraved in the dual gold tone pulls.

This sleek well thought-out deign is a perfect addition to any collection of designer handbags.

Inside the used Louis Vuitton Sarria find lining featured ingorgeous red suede-like fabric.  There’s one patch pocket to complete its interior for organization.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Sarria Petite handbag is tailored, simple and elegant for any fashionista to own.

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