Exude Elegant Taste with a Chanel Medium Flap Bag

Manhattan, New York is one of the most busiest and luxurious places on Earth. It’s no surprise that millions of people flock to the city that never sleeps every year. Of course, it’s important to get the best service you can. For that, I would recommend staying in a five star hotel. The room rates begin at several hundred a night but for those who can afford it, the world is their oyster when it comes to getting a deluxe suite.  

If you are a foodie, then partake in New York’s first class dining experience. Tribeca in particular is a fantastic area to cultivate your taste buds or if you want a gorgeous view with your meal, try eating by the waterfront with the iconic skyline visible from all angles.

A limousine is the perfect way to get to know the city from the uptown elegance to the gritty downtown. Your tour guide will be there to give you historical facts and other tidbits that you won’t find on the double decker bus tour.

Speaking of downtown, while it may seem like a quaint block of apartments, the meatpacking district transforms into a hotspot of nightclubs and celebrities, bankers and other society people.

One of the other benefits of a five star hotel is the concierge, who has the ability to get you the best seats on Broadway, the opera or ballet. So make sure that Lincoln Centre is your Saturday night outing!

New York is a matchless attraction that is a yesterday, today and tomorrow winner, just like a Chanel designer handbag. The authentic Chanel Medium Flap Bag is a sensation and adds the right amount of zest and zing to any outfit in a city like New York.  

Forever elegant, this Chanel flap just spells out total elegance.  Victoria Beckham, Jessica Biel and Blake Lively have been seen with this stunning medium flap bag which adds a splash of timeless style.

The pre-owned Chanel flap takes center stage by its luxurious black and soft quilted lambskin leather, featuring the desired gold ton CC logo kiss-lock clasp.  

Black leather is interwoven throughout the golden tone link chain that ends with a soft leather shoulder pad.
The used Chanel interior is based in smooth burgundy leather bearing its “Made in France” and unique numbered statement.  Storage space is ample for all personal effects.   There is a flat open pocket.

The authentic Chanel Medium Flap Handbag is the number one handbag recognized as having elegance, luxury and style just like New York.

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