Warm Up the Season with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Musette Salsa GM

 When one lives in a relatively tropical climate, they obviously will have no need for a heavy overcoat. Instead, the use of a light jacket is the preference. However, for those who are accustomed to the harsh winters of the north, it is essential to have a good winter coat. Snow-bunnies will be happy to hear the coats are huge for 2012/13.

First and foremost, seek for most desirable quality in getting a winter coat.

  • A coat should have all buttons, snaps and zippers set close together to keep the cold air form sneaking in.
  • Look for snug fit, yet loose enough to layer underneath with thick sweaters and vests to bring on added heat.
  • 3/4 or full length that covers at least the torso helps heat from escaping.
  • Deep and insulated pockets are great for adding on warmth to gloved hands during extreme temps.

Good coats always contain three separate layers, the protective layer, which are the insulation layer and the breathing layer.  

The protective layer will keep the elements of rain and snow from seeping through to the body.  The insulation layer blocks out the cold and wind, while the breathing layer allows to moisture evaporate so the body doesn’t feel damp, which will only make the body feel colder.

As stunning as they are, leather or suede coats are not conducive to extreme winter weather and they could get damaged from rain or snow. Save them for clear and crisp fall days.

With the shape of things in winter coats this year, a designer handbag that is durable with easy access by its front flaps and worn on the shoulder only means an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Musette Salsa GM bag.

This is a slim and trim satchel but don’t be fooled as it is large enough for be an essential. With its rounded corners, light-weight and edgy look, it is the ideal everyday bag and can go to work as well as any day wear activities.

The pre-own salsa is crafted in Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, cowhide leather trimmings and gold tone hardware.

The cowhide leather strap on the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Musette Salsa is long and adjustable. Wear it simply over the shoulder, cross-over or shorten to it to any preferred length.

Flip open the flap and find an interior featured in a suede-like lining in a spicy saffron with leather trim finishing’s. There is a convenient flat patch pocket with one for a cell right next to it. The spacious interior will easily hold all essentials making an iPad an easy slip-in. Even keys are within reach via its D-ring attached to a side wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Musette Salsa GM is a bag that will look great and will be around for seasons to come. Miley Cyrus carries hers for all the time.

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