Offset the Ordinary with a Gucci Brown Satin Shoulder Bag that Adds So Much More

 Brow shapes for 2012/13 are taking a turn. The latest trend is to remain true to an individual’s natural image and beauty by shaping the brows to their best advantage.

Surprisingly, the ideal shade and density of the brows has very little to with the face shape. It is determined by the amount of space available on the face and the distance between them and the shape of the eyes.

  • Small features and eyes

A more delicate brow is needed. Keep them thin and in their natural shape.

  • Short distance of brow to lashes

 A soft arch matches and brows should be plucked from underneath at the center to give them more definition.

  • Large features with deep-set eyes

This type can handle a bigger and bushier, and more imposing brow shape. Brush them to their fullest.

  • Close-set eyes

Avoid brows that meet in the middle as it actually makes them look even closer together. To make them look further apart, pluck the inner edge to widen the space and lengthen at the ends.   

  • Wide-set eyes

To offset eyes that are far apart and make them appear closer together, try to pencil in bushier brows towards the middle of this nose.   

  • Down-set eyes

Shun any type of arched brows. Draw the ends out towards the temple so they appear straighter and help will lift the eyes.

Impeccably stylish and timelessly appealing, the authentic Gucci Brown Satin Shoulder Bag is a letter of introduction to unmistakable style.

This Gucci offers a modern edge by combining it with sophisticated elegance and has arrived just in time for that season change of wardrobe.

Many women only envision a Gucci bag adorned with classic canvas with GG monogram.  However, the pre-owned Gucci shoulder bag is pure excitement with its mix of dark chocolate brown satin with a tortoiseshell acrylic bamboo top handle.  

The Gucci shoulder bag offers instant appeal and smartness, which makes it rather convenient for daily use, as well transforming into an evening handbag making it a all-around staple.  

Being functional is another perk with this fantastic used Gucci bag, Opened via a snap closure button, the interior is completely lined with brown satin and smooth leather trim.

The interior holds an inside walled zipper pocket. The remaining balance contains plenty of space and bares ample room to handle all daily essentials including makeup for touch-ups.

The authentic Gucci Brown Satin Shoulder Bag proves a diva can be chic and functional as well this fall.

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