Dazzle the Crowds While Carrying a Marc Jacobs Peanut Messenger

 As one get older the teeth become darker. The pores get blocked and the teeth become dull and yellow. Chips and cracks appear, leading to stains and the surface enamel thins.

Acidic fruits and vegetables are natural teeth whiteners but don’t rely on them alone to shine up the teeth into pearly whites.  Naturally, the more strawberries, lemons, oranges and apple consumed (the most recommended foods for natural teeth whitening), the less yellow the teeth‘s color will be.

For a quick whitening effect brush the teeth with baking soda, but this should not be done regularly. Too much of this caustic action may harm the teeth and gums, but toothpaste with a bit of soda added is okay.

Teeth should be long enough so you can see the tips when you talk, but as you become older they will get shorter.  Collagen helps teeth remain in place, but as people get older, the collagen fibers began to wear which leads to teeth becoming more crooked.

The squared-off, grid-like superstar smile that was the standout look with the help of veneers is passé.  Something a little more natural is on the scene and brace are back.

But this is a new style of braces, called 'Incognito' that is creating a stir among celebrities. Just as its name applies its practically invisible.  The straightening effects of braces will last for a lifetime while veneers only have a shelf life on 10 to 20 years.

The squared-off, grid-like look is perfectly acceptable in handbags though, such as an authentic Marc Jacobs Peanut Messenger bag.  Marc has done it again with his exclusive ‘peanut’ color crocodile-embossed leather messenger that Reese Witherspoon couldn’t wait to own.

There are more textures and shapes on this Marc Jacobs designer bag that it is a pieced together like a fine abstract sculpture.

The pre-owned MJ Peanut contains a softer grain leather flap front with a snap closure. Adorning the flap are two pieces stylish modernistic-like stones embedded in gold tone hardware with the Marc Jacobs named engraved. Both stones are in different shades of blue, with one being slate and the other lapis. They make for a wild contrast to the ‘peanut’ color of the messenger.

The single strap with stunning gold tone hardware matches the flap and is wide and flat and making it easy to swing the bag over the shoulder.

The taupe leather lined interior that offers super space, to hold all normal items and more.  There is a full length zippered pocket on one wall and a large slip pocket on the opposite side.

 An authentic Marc Jacobs Peanut Messenger bag is the only one to seize the moment with.

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