Be Simply Stylish While Shopping for Fall with a Gucci Shopping Tote

 Chestnuts are edible nuts found on trees. They make a delicious snack and are just coming into season.  Buy the raw chestnut fresh and add a bit of health benefits while indulging.

Chestnuts, when compared to other nuts and seeds, are relatively low in calories.  They contain less fat and more in minerals, vitamins and nutrients. They are considered a good source of dietary fiber. A diet that includes fiber helps lower blood cholesterol levels by limiting excess cholesterol absorption in the intestines.

 Being a strong anti-oxidant, chestnuts offers protection from harmful free radicals also.

 There are three recommended ways to cook chestnuts.

  • Frying

While frying, perforate the crust with a knife with an 'X'. Place them in a pan, fry them for approximately 20 minutes and turn them over every few minutes.  

  • Baking

Baking is just like roasting on an open fire.  This easy method just requires cracking the crust with an 'X'. Place the 'X' side on a baking tray faced down.  Cook in an oven for 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  

  • Boiling

Boiling the nuts is the best way if it is going to be used in a recipe. Place the nuts in water and boil them for about five minutes. Remove the crust and rinse chestnuts under chilled water. The procedure is to do this while they are still warm.

Nothing finishes off an outfit than with a versatile designer handbag that is both subtle and stylish in fine detailing. Join Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba with an authentic Gucci Shopping Tote that offers a slightly rectangle frame gearing in the horizontal covered with the fabulous GG monogram logo fabric canvas in beige.  

It meets neatly to the chestnut leather trimming with fine brown top-stitching. The tote can go anywhere and has a name tag embossed with “Gucci – Made in Italy” on the front exterior.

Double flat top leather handles are attached to the Gucci and can fit over the arm, in the hand or on the shoulder.  

The pre-owned Gucci tote has an opened top and presents plenty of space to hold all essentials with ease. Go ahead and use it at the gourmet shop or the mall.

The large interior compartment of the bag is lined in soft chocolate brown fabric. There is a zippered inner pocket to place in items that needs to be secured.

The authentic Gucci Shopping Tote Handbag is simply stylish for fall and is a good designer bag to have as one never knows when space is suddenly required. Use it on its own or bring it as a companion for smaller handbag.

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