The Hermes Garden Party Equates Elegance and Beauty

 Beginning in Russia in the late 1800s, the House of Faberge started making ornate jewel-encrusted eggs known as Russian Imperial treasures.  Even during this time period, the original 50 caused a sensation all across the globe and nearly every elitist wanted one, which only increased their value.

Since that time, miniature versions of the eggs have been produced as gifts and egg collecting is as popular as ever. More frequently, they are creating necklaces and pedants, which serve as a feeling of sophistication and a luxurious style.

Just arriving in time for the 2012 fall fashion season, Faberge has become popular once again, this time for a woman’s jewelry box, and is calledThe Faberge en Vogue collection.

Faberge is offering this jewelry showcase in a sleeker and more modern designs of their eggs in precious metals that dangle on the neckline in an attempt to keep up with the times. These eggs in gorgeous diamond cuts appear on Red Carpet celebrities such as Kate Hudson. This will serve as a wonderful compliment to the looks of the fall/winter season.

Faberge will be the crème de la crème for jewelry accessories this season as proven by its appearance on the catwalk in the Balmain and Dolce and Gabbana shows.

The desire of the Faberge egg has never waned, even after all these years, possibly due to their striking beauty and elegance.  Today, woman of all ages and social statuses can enjoy a piece of Faberge, or at least an appropriation of them as various jewelry companies are creating replicas to sell.

To match such elegance, an authentic Hermes Garden Party is just the one that can sit fashionably on the arm while going for high tea or heading to a business meeting.

Hermes based this edition on the famous elements from their very first Hermes travel trunk that placed their name on the high-end map.

The Garden Party has many admirers including Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Crafted in smooth black leather to last for many years to come, the trimmings are done up in a grainy version with contrasting beige top stitching. They are attractively placed on the front, sides and back of the stunning tote.
The pre-owned Hermes Garden Party also features silver tone top snap button closure engraved with ‘Hermes Paris’ and is placed on the upper exterior.

Double rolled top handles in leather strap neatly fits in the crack of the elbow with comfort.

 The roomy interior of the used Hermes contains the option to expand the sides when necessary, so everything is in view. It is lined in beige fabric.

The authentic Hermes Garden Party handbag’s regal feeling is completed by it high quality, materials, good look and status.

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