The Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette is Elegant Enough to Meet with a Queen

 The Queen Mary has the reputation of being one of the luxurious ships of all time. However nowadays, the dry docked ship utilized as a hotel in Long Beach, California is better known as the “haunted ship.”

 With the unexpected demise of many while in service, some parts of the liner are roped off due to supposed paranormal activity.  For those with a curiosity in paranormal sighting, the Queen Mary is now more popular than ever. The owners of the liner have capitalized on this by offering a night in-board for fearless passengers.

One of the many stories told during a stay on the floating hotel is that of John Henry, who lied about his age in order to get a job on board. Unfortunately, the 13 year old was crushed to death in the engine room which subsequently caught on fire and it’s said that he roams the engine room which he perished in.

There are many more tales on board, including a chef who was burnt alive by a rebellious crew who did not like his cooking, and his screams can be heard from the kitchen. Another tale is of the 300 sailors from another ship who drowned and continually knocks for help from the exterior of the ship.

If those stories are not frightening enough, perhaps the story of the girl on the deck of the ship will be even scarier.   She apparently broke her neck when a wave knocked her off the banister onto the floor, where rumors has it that she still calls out for her mother.

All in all, for anyone seeking a frighteningly good time, the Queen Mary is one cruise that the visitor is not going to forget any time soon.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette will serve a multiple of purposes, including dining out, running to the store or on a cruise.

First of all, the pre-owned pochette features striking lilac Epi and smooth leather and is like the one that Kate Mara and Hilary Duff owns. It has the iconic initials embossed on the lower exterior.

Nothing can be more stylish and sophisticated and makes the grade as the LV pochette.

The strap is a welcome addition and is created in smooth lilac leather with silver tone LV engraved lobster claw clasps that allow the strap to be removed.  This makes the LV Pochette more versatile and it can be carried as a clutch without the strap or worn as a wristlet, hand-carry and shoulder number when the strap is attached.

Its top zip closure contains a silver tone LV engraved pull allowing small necessities placed inside to remain secure.  The interior of this pre-owned bag is lined in matching textile fabric. It is specifically for those who like to travel light.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette is an accessory goes anywhere stylishly, even aboard a Queen. 

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