Obtain an Affirmative Assertion of Autumn Style with the Louis Vuitton EPI Petite Noe

 No matter where one works or what position they hold, at some time or another, they have to deal with a bout stress.

Everyone is susceptible to stress, especially in the work place. However, stress for deadlines and yearly evaluations can encourage one to go the extra step. This type of stress can be considered a positive tool for dealing with others and being in competition with one’s self.

Learn to avoid this kind of stress in the workplace by following a few basic principles.  

Show respect to co-workers and remember that that the work place is not there to primarily develop a social life but to do the job for which one was hired for.

From time to time, expect some criticism in the workplace. Accept them as corrections for professional reason. It is easy to fall into the trap to take it personally, but consider, instead that it is a tweak for improvement.  

Learn to control reactions. Aggression, bad facial expressions and rude responds never win the day. Find positive alternatives in dealing with whatever comes one’s way.

If there is a complaint to voice with a co-worker, do so privately. State whatever the problem is calmly and remain in control. Make suggestions on how the situation can improve.

Add a little more positive attitude at the office with the authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Petite Noe. Texture is means durability and the LV signature EPI leather and smooth leather radiates in the best the fallings leaf season in brown.

This well designed drawstring bucket shoulder bag is a career investment and completes any outfit with no negatives whatsoever. However, it is not for work only and will fit stylishly on the shoulder in a casual and sport session too.

All the beauty and polish of the LV bucket is complimented by its gold tone hardware and discrete embossed LV monogram near its exterior base that is a standard with handbags from the EPI collection.

One long adjustable shoulder strap allows the user to adjust according to their needs. Of course, to gain access, the drawstring is not only decorative but works as the used EPI Petite Noe´s opening.

The spice suede-like lining and the Noe’s interior space is the ideal size to hold anything needed for work or play and everything in between. It may be called petite but is far from it.

Handbags are designed to accentuate lifestyle and this one has a ‘Triple A’ rating for Jennifer Lopez. The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Petite Noe aligns to be an affirmative assertion for autumn.

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