Stand out as a Fashion Winner with a Chanel Bumble Bee Evening Bag

 Trends in fashion constantly change especially for Fall/Winter 2012/13.

Many women find it difficult to keep up with fashions changes or to know when it is time to eliminate a piece. To keep in the loop on the latest styles, read September’s issue of the top fashion magazines such as Vogue or Harpers Bazaar or head to their websites on the Internet or FaceBook.

And if sticker shock kicks in, the best part about up-to-the-minute styles is that there are often versions that are seen on the runway in ready-to-wear at a much better price point.

The autumn/winter shows were resplendent with embellishment.  It’s partially due to the influence of the fashion designers using all black backdrops on certain key pieces, and added a little light to them with crystal to beads to sequins.

It’s also a result of their obsession with craftsmanship and detail that makes a look stunning.  

Crystals were everywhere from tiny pearl like versions to oversized rocks.  The collections are slightly baroque and filled with Swarovski crystals against rich velvets and gold threading for instant were inspired around the idea of the classic Faberge eggs.

There were pearl and crystal encrusted pants, teamed with a luxury sweaters are embellished luxury-cool at its best. So with the influence of Romanism from the Victorian Era, it is another season of style that can be utilized for the future.

Trends may come and go in the fashion world but one or two items correctly purchased will remain ageless.

One accessory that works well for these new designs is an authentic Chanel Bumble Bee Evening Bag.

This is the ultimate evening bag and is a limited edition and a rare find.  It is crafted in black satin and has that vintage look.  Its frame is shaped in timeless and classic design that evokes memories of Coco Chanel at the Ritz and Maxim’s.

There is a single interwoven antique gold chain and black satin strap that follows the true Chanel style. Carry the used Chanel by hand or tuck the chain inside the bag and use as a clutch.

One of the most amazing features is the pre-owned Chanel evening bag’s art deco clasp. Look carefully at the bumble bee clasp in gold brass sitting on top. It discreetly incorporates the classic CC logo.

Because of the Chanel’s bag shape, it is more than spacious within its black quilted satin interior lining.

The authentic Chanel Bumble Bee Evening Bag works great with this season’s night-in-the-town outfits. It is a sound investment because it still is considered as a best dressed item for years to come.

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