Gain so Much More than Just Good Looks with Louis Vuitton Popincourt Bag

 There are times when a woman hits rock bottom in her moisturizer jar or hand cream dispenser only to find there’s nothing left.   What can be used as a substitute is petroleum jelly or more commonly known as Vaseline.

Keep a jar as a staple in the house just for an emergency such as a one day face cream.  Use it sparingly on the facial area otherwise it will feel too greasy.

However, it does work wonders on other skin areas and can be used monthly weekly or daily. Rough and dry regions of heels, elbows and knees will be no more with a treatment of Vaseline.

Drench feet in Vaseline and then putting on a pair of white cotton socks before retiring for the night. It can dramatically change the rough and ragged and happily it’s a treatment that actually works.

Those who don’t like sleeping in socks alternatively can obtain the same benefits by smearing on the petroleum jelly, putting on a pair of socks and sneakers and head for a walk.

 Give the hands a makeover too by coating them with Vaseline and then place a pair of white cotton gloves over them.

When cleaning the house or working in the garden, always wear rubber gloves or gardening gloves to protect the skin. Go one step further by placing Vaseline on the hands first, then a pair of white gloves, and place the rubber gloves over that. By the time the chores are done, the hand’s texture is immediately improved.

There’s an elegant designer handbag in iconic LV Monogram Canvas known as the authentic Louis Vuitton Popincourt Bag that celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Miley Cyrus own.

This is a re-instated design of the classic Louis Vuitton Triangle. Louis Vuitton history buffs will know that the Triangle was originally created for those ladies to use as their yarn and knitting needle holder.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Popincourt has reached a more contemporary geometric edge since then with its stunning frame and attractive details. Chic modern details include stunning gold tone hardware, natural cowhide trim and petal shaped tabs.

The frame is tailored further by two comfortable rolled leather handles in leather that is hand-carried.

The top zipper closure contains a split leather pull finished with dangling golden sphere charms that create a youthful sway.  

 Once opened, the modern shape offers unusual space and more than anticipated. The interior is lined in brown canvas fabric. There is an open pocket that takes up most of one inner wall.

Gain more function, class and style with a Louis Vuitton Popincourt Bag.

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