The Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Portobello Bag Can Make There and Anywhere

 New York City is the boldest, the hippest, the richest, the quirkiest, and the most diverse of any city worldwide.  No matter when one visits, or where they go in Manhattan, no one will ever be far from a street, a restaurant, a store, a theater and a historical site that has been referenced in numerous pieces of literature, cinema or art.  

But New York is really a living, breathing city and for the millions of people who reside there. One can only say that it is visited, it opens up a kaleidoscope of the cross-culture melting pot for experience. This is the place that one could basically stay here and get a taste of the whole world without ever leaving a few square miles.

The possibilities are endless in New York should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are eight million people residing in this east coast city and just as many everlasting must dos. Even if apples are not a favorite, New York City will change that thought, so take a bite. Savor it because many who visit will only crave more of it.

The modern and authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Portobello Bag is flawless for walking about in New York or elsewhere. Hold all necessities while running about at home and handling continuous errands.

Crafted in signature Damier Canvas and brown leather trimmings and gold tone hardware, the frame is long and lean. It will be the one casual designer handbag that is always appropriate no matter the season or attire.

Most travelers simply don´t want a bag to lug around while sightseeing.  Instead, they want the convenience that can allow them to remain hands free as the Portobello flap style bag does. It features a low profile design that hugs the body when worn as a shoulder number with an adjustable strap, so it is always remains at the side. The back exterior has an open view plastic window, which can help keep those theater or Yankee tickets from bending.

The pre-owned LV Damier Canvas opens via two engraved stud snaps on its flap closure. Once opened it exposes its red alcantara lining and spacious interior. Leave the wallet at home as cards, ID, passport and money can be slipped out when needed. Key can easily hang off its interior.

Perfect as a unisex messenger, the used Portobello Bag is spacious enough to hold daily essentials.

Simple in style but long on practical function, the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Portobello Bag is the one that can make it anywhere, including New York.

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