Using the right tools is essential to deliver the best and professional makeup results no matter which brand of cosmetics is used.

Backstage at every runway show, professional makeup artists will often use various techniques to create a flawless look on the models. They have in their inventory as well a vast collection of makeup brushes to be used, especially for achieving those wide eyes.

Attain the look seen in fashion magazines as well as the results on real life celebrities by using the correct makeup brushes. Have them all for applying eye shadow and give the eyes that model’s depth.

Depending on the specific look, there are essentially six brushes needed to apply eye makeup like a professional to subtly enhance the eye or to define it.

  • Eyeliner brush

This thin, stiff brush allows lining the eyes with precision when applying liquid eyeliner.

  • Shadow brush

Use this for applying the base eye color over the entire eyelid.

  • Angled brush

 Blend color in the folds of the eyelid with this one.

  • Blending brush

Soften the look of eyeshadow by blending.

  • Mascara brush

This sturdy brush is designed to separate eye lashes and prepare them to apply mascara evenly and make

  • Eyebrow brush

Natural-looking arches can be produced by sweeping the eyebrow brush upwards. This achieves a cleaner appearance and open appearance and make it easier to pencil in.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo Handbag is an extremely elegant bag for the upcoming season. It has been seen with Mary-Kate Olsen and Dakota Fanning.

It is created in the sought after Damier canvas with chocolate brown calf leather trim. 

The chic hand-carried bag offers two rounded leather handles and chunky gold tone square hardware that softens the geometrical pattern of Damier to an air of femininity against it tailored appearance.

The pre-owned Damier Duomo has a removable brown leather key clochette with padlock keys tucked inside dangling from a long leather cord. The usable engraved gold tone padlock is set on the side of the bags exterior.

Protective raised feet are on its base to added protection from grime.

To gain access, there is a top zipper with leather pull that attaches to the padlock to assure the bag remains locked.

The used Louis Vuitton Duomo offers much space for all essentials and more.  It is lined in bright red alcantara suede-like fabric making it as beautiful on the inside as it is out. An interior patch pocket and cell phone pocket complete its interior for organization.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo Handbag is stylish and offers enough room to even carry those makeup tools of the trade.