Electric cars allow areas to breathe easier, especially in large and congested areas. Although they have not taken off, there doubt that the electric cars are ok for local work and shopping journeys.

Electric autos are nothing new. Surprisingly a man called Riker set a new record in 1900 when he drove his electrical car design on a five mile circuit at an average speed of 10 mph. Its relative success was acclaimed because the gas engines were so noisy, underpowered and unreliable.

In 1920, the electric car was replaced by the much more powerful and reliable gas-engine ones again and the rest is history until now with the reverting of autos utilizing electricity as its power source.

The big problem is the needed refill times with an electric car and the range on each refill which can take up to an hour. Compared with gas, only needs 10 minutes or less is needed. The cost behind these new design cars is pricy too.

Most major manufactures have new electric plug-in models. However, most will only sell to those who need a smaller car to go back and forth to work or just use for short journeys to the mall and supermarket. The majority of car owners will still want a normal car to use for other longer trips.

For those two car households, the other car may eventually be hydrogen powered. These are now being developed in California and are being road tested by the hands of the selected public.

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