Fall into Place with a Wardrobe Staple by the Louis Vuitton Black Epi Alma Handbag

People who are fearful of the dentist, have a very low tolerance to pain or have had previous bad dental experiences will benefit greatly from sedation dentistry. Make a bad experience into a pleasant one and gain that dazzling smile with one of three common types of sedation used by dentists who perform sedation dentistry

  • Oral conscious sedation
The ingestion of oral sedatives before a dental treatment will relax the patient and will give the patient a sense of well being. This allows the dentist to undertake any dental work necessary. The patient will still be conscious and able to understand any instructions given by the dentist. Due to the drowsiness involved, the patient must be driven to and from the dental premises. 
  • Inhalation sedation
This type of sedation involves the inhalation of nitrous oxide or laughing gas as it is commonly known. This method of sedation is frequently used by dentists who favor sedation treatments due to its rapid effects with the patient and the speed that the in which the patient can recover from the sedation.
  • Intravenous sedation dentistry
Sedation dentistry that offers intravenous conscious sedation is when sedatives are administered intravenously. This is administered at the appointment and works instantly. The patient is not fully asleep and can respond to instructions; however the patient rarely recalls any part of the procedure as the sedation induces amnesia.

Add the accessory that is just right for the latest trends heading out this spring. Only an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Handbag in black will easily fall into place in any wardrobe change.

Earn rave reviews with what is now considered a house classic of Louis Vuitton. The shape of the LV Alma handbag was based on the original and innovative design by Gaston Vuitton in the 1930s. Today hundreds of celebrities use this one including Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan.

This pre-owned Alma is simply dazzling and is one to not overlook. The Alma is very different in shape and is immediately recognizable 

The durable Epi canvas backdrop is in basic black making it a perfect match for any color scheme. It offers one LV monogram embossed on the Epi portion near the base and above the smooth black leather trim.

It has stunning gold tone high quality hardware as only Louis Vuitton adds on to their designs,

The used LV Alma is hand-carried and offers two rounded leather handles.

It opens via a dual top zipper with two stunning LV engraved pulls. The interior is exceptionally roomy in a soft grey hued alcantara lining. There is a standard size open pocket trimmed in leather on its wall.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Black Epi Alma Handbag is made to last and works daily with any wardrobe changes without changing the purse.

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