Combine Elegance to Autumn Casual with the Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot

 A good way of preventing the usual viruses picked up in the change of seasons, such as colds flu and other germs is by keeping the immune system in tip top condition. As the weather cools, the diet is filled with hot, nutritious foods. As the body temperatures rises, so should resistance to prevent nasty colds.
  • Vitamin C
Studies have shown that vitamin C not only contributes to lessen cold symptoms, it also helps prevents them. It is recommended that we take vitamin C every day especially during winter. It also helps the body combat germs and strengthens the immune systems against colds.
  • Proteins
Proteins should not be forgotten as they are also essential to the immune systems to help fight against infections. Eat foods rich in proteins are dried fruit, eggs, milk, fish, cereals and beans.
  • Less fat
Experts also recommend to lower fried food intake and cut down on butter and fatty oils. Even though some foods can be quite fatty, do not eradicate them entirely from the diets such as salmon and sardines.
Essential foods
Here are just a few of the many foods that should never be cut out of the diet.
  • Yogurts 
Yogurt has “good” bacteria that prevent the “bad” bacteria from affecting the body.
  • Garlic
Garlic prevents cold symptoms as well as creating anti-bodies that kill germs.
  • Chicken soup
 Chicken soup and other homemade soups warm up the bodies and helps keep the noses unstuffed.
  • Chilies
The spice is great for decongesting the nose and bringing back our taste buds. A nice hot curry or spicy Mexican dish will do the trick.
  • Onions
Eating lots of onions, whether cooked or raw, will help calm a cold and increase our immune system.
  • Green Tea
Green tea is used in Chinese medicine to help the immune system and to stop fever.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot is a style that will be appreciated for fall's fashion as it is in falling leaves brown.

The Soufflot is similar in frame to the Papillion in an oblong rounded shape. It is wet weather resistant due to being crafted in durable Epi leather canvas with matching smooth leather trimmings.  

This styling is a Hilary Duff favorite and has a bonus of a side pocket.

The pre-owned Epi Soufflot contains a top zip closure in silver tone hardware with engraved LV pulls.

The inside of the used LV bag is lined in brown fabric. It offers ample space with an open pocket surrounded in leather trim and will hold all essentials comfortably.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot combines elegance to casual this autumn.

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