Segovia is a city in Spain to be visited for its artistic richness and wealth of monuments. In 1985, UNESCO declared the city of Segovia to be a World Heritage Site. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Segovia, but the following are consider the must-not-miss sights.

  • The Aqueduct
The stunning Aqueduct of Segovia is one of the most magnificent constructions the Romans left from their vast empire. It was built in the first century to carry water from the mountains to Segovia and is the city’s symbol. Its 166 Guadarrama granite arches are made of blocks of stone held together by an ingenious balance of forces using no mortar. It has hardly been altered through the centuries.
  • The Alcazar
The Alcazar stands on the cliff above the point where the two rivers meet and gives off an appearance of a vast ship. The fortress became a royal palace in the 13th century. A climb up a steep and narrow winding staircase to its pinnacle offers an enjoyable and stunning view of the city. 
  • The Cathedral
The beautiful pinnacles over the apse of the cathedral gaze down on the Plaza Mayor and are a gathering point for storks in the evening. It’s built in late Gothic style and its construction began in 1525. The interior of the cathedral is defined by its grandiose and harmonious dimensions.

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