Gain a Multitude of Options with a Louis Vuitton Damier Uzses Handbag

 Layering is big news for the Fall/Winter's fashions. Air is a poor conductor and so once trapped between layers of fabric it acts as an insulator, keeping one warm. This is a great look and makes good sense as the temperature changes dramatically. 

Layering don’ts

  • Three sweaters worn at the same time will make one look like a football player. Whether trying to achieve a funky or glamourous look with layers, steer clear of chunky winter woolies. Unless you’re dressing for arctic warmth and the underneath layers are not on show to the public.
  • Don’t pick layers in the same material as they don’t sit well and tend to sit together.
  • Don’t forget to use pieces from summer wardrobe as it can now be used all year as part of the new layered look.

Layering do’s

  • The key to this look is to vary the sleeve lengths, shades and necklines by adding color and contrast. This stops one from looking frumpy.
  • Wear a dark top that stops at the hips or just above and have a lighter top underneath that pokes out a couple of inches. This makes the waist slimmer and gives an hourglass effect. 
  • Layering works best on the top half of your body and it’s best to keep the bottom half simple.
  • A pencil skirt or wide leg trousers look great with shorter layers that do not finish further than the hips. While skinny fit trousers or jeans and longer flowing layers are a good combination. 

One designer handbag the offers a layered appearance with a multiple of function is an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Uzses. This is a mix of the LV shopper meeting the Manhattan with a touch of the classy Damier Canvas for good measure.

Its frame constructs a casual look with a flat bottom allowing it to stand on its own upright. Besides the Damier coated canvas, the bag features dark chocolate cowhide trim and gold tone hardware.

It offers two welcome pockets on its front exterior that closes with belted buckle closures. The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Uzses has two slightly rounded leather handles that lies upon the bend of the arm or can be hand held.

The Louis Vuitton bag contains a large opening for easy access to contents and is generously sized in bright red microfiber lining. Inside the bag, the user will find not only space but several open pockets and a zippered one with a LV engraved pull to keep all items nicely organized. 

Jessica Simpson is one of the first who obtain an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Uzses. Maybe now is time to own one too.

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