Forget Bad Hair Days when Carrying a Louis Vuitton Artsy Empreinte

 The next time it’s bad hair day, consider whether the scalp may be to blame.

Limp, dull, oily, dry, flyaway hair and often frizzled hair can all be tackled with shampoo and conditioner. However, many of these problems start at the roots.

The most common scalp problem is not dandruff but scalp sensitivity, this being caused by a range of factors including anxiety, extreme product build up, a poor diet or ill health. Because of this, the body tends to cut down on any non-essential cells. A simple solution to this problem of scalp sensitivity is to use an ultra mild shampoo that will cleanse the hair without stripping essential nutrients.

Dandruff is the most noticeable condition, this being caused by a fungus which feeds on oil from the sebaceous glands. This begins a faster turnover of skin cells than usual.

One of the best ways to treat dandruff is to use a shampoo or lotion that contains such antifungal ingredients such as tea tree oil, myrtle, and ketoconazole and zinc pyritehion. If these ingredients don’t alleviate the problem consult a doctor.

A good scalp massage by a partner could do wonders for the circulation.

Never have a bad hair day when carrying the stylish and authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Empreinte. The fully packed LV Artsy tote handbag is destined as a one of the most fabulous bags for Louis Vuitton lovers and is now consider a collectable.

First introduced in 2010, this hobo-inspired tote is crafted in the exquisite lilac burgundy leather and embossed with recognizable LV monogram on an amazing shape frame.

The added styling behind its natural top-stitched leather handle is complimented by its dangling leather string containing a circular charm and attached d-ring for keys.

All hardware is in exquisite gold tone hardware including zipper, engraved Louis Vuitton handle rings, and protective feet on its base to keep the bottom in pristine condition.

The pre-owned LV Artsy is extra large with an interior that can handle it all. It is lined in the traditional Louis Vuitton steamship truck stripe pattern fabric.

Place in a small lap-top, iPad. Books and more, and there still is room to spare in this super spacious tote. The used Artsy offers several internal open pockets.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Empreinte is a chic beauty that even Angelina Jolie totes around the globe with.

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