Create a Positive and Calm Statement with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Boetie MM

 Panic attacks are the subconscious mind’s “fight or flight” response to what it perceives to be a threatening situation following a period of high stress. And although they’re traumatic, panic attacks cause no real harm and are rarely associated with serious illness.

Panic attacks happen to anyone, but there are proven strategies that work it off.

  • Improve general wellbeing 
Many people’s panic attacks happen when they’re feeling stressed, tired and generally run down. It’s important to eat regular balanced meals, getting enough sleep and in taking regular exercise.
  • Think positively
The imagination can create all sorts of unpleasant scenarios and increase anxiety. Write down any negative thoughts about a situation before it happens and set about turning them into positive, constructive thoughts.
  • Calm and refocus the mind
It’s often impossible to avoid anxiety-provoking situations for fear that the same thing will happen again. Begin to change the thought patterns to teach one’s self that these circumstances aren’t threatening. Think about something totally different or visualize a situation or place that feels relaxed and safe.
  • Distraction
Distraction techniques can take the mind off of the sensations and help regain a sense of control. Count objects such as passing cars or wear a rubber band around the wrist to stretch and snap back onto the inside of your wrist at the first signs of panic.
  • Try a natural remedy
Drink chamomile tea, or take the herb Valerian, which has calming effects, or try a homeopathic remedy that may ease the effects of acute panic attacks.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Boetie MM Bag is one designer handbag that will lift the spirits. It offers the must-have up-to-the-minute styling of pleats against its supple frame to give it its wow factor, just as Danielle Jonas can attest to.

Crafted in traditional LV monogram canvas, natural cowhide leather trims with yellow topstitching and gold tone hardware, the handbag is simply striking. 

The pre-owned Boetie is a classy bag accented by an LV engraved golden brass twist lock situated on a cowhide leather flap embossed with 'Louis Vuitton Paris.'

It contains two rounded leather straps with stud and ring attachment. The base of the used LV Boetie offers protective feet too.

Besides its carefree shape, storage space within is more than ample when flipping over the flap and the top zipper with its LV engraved pull. Lined in taupe alcantara, there are two open flat pockets on its wall.
Using an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Boetie MM Bag is bound to create a positive statement.

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