Attending a company get-togethers or trade shows is mandatory for job security and future success. Attending shows that one is set to be viable part of the team and that one is interested in the future of their role in the company.

Here are some etiquette tips to remember when attending an event.
  • If given a name tag at an event, always place it on the right side of the body.
  • Always address a higher-up professional with their last name until they specify otherwise.
  • When you attend a business buffet, make sure to eat something beforehand so not to appear starving. Never grab a plate and load it with food and dessert. Moderation is best. When done with the main course, then go back for dessert.
  • Keep any drinks, food, briefcases or paper in the left hand and leave the right hand free to shake hands.
  • When at a party, order white wine so the glass can be grabbed by the stem. Other cocktails will have the hands become clammy, and wet hand leaves a bad impression when shaking hands.
  • If there is a bartender and a tipping jar is displayed then 50 cents to one dollar is an appropriate tip. 
  • The best impression is the last impression. Don’t ever leave without first finding the host and thanking them.
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