Health spas are a perfect cure for stress but they can be pricy. Create the spa experience at home by turning the bathroom into a personal sanctuary to use whenever the need come about.

  • To create this home spa, add some or all of the following tips.
  • Choose calming colors in the décor of the bathroom. Thick and plush towels in pure whites or soothing pale greens and blues will do the trick.
  • Turn off the light and use aromatic candles and soft nightlights.
  • Reduce clutter to the minimum and store essentials, such as bath crystals and dusting powder in simple containers such as elegant glass jars.
  • Keep fluffy bath sheets, room robes and toweling slippers warm and handy when getting ready to indulge.
  • Keep inventory of body lotion creams and oils up to par.
  • Use aromatherapy oils. Mix three drops of lavender with two drops of sage and one drop of frankincense. Mix with a tablespoon of carrier oil and add to a warm bath before stepping into it.
  • Perfume the room with incense sticks or an oil burner.
  • Make sure new batteries are handy for a CD or cassette player and listen to relaxing music.

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