Be in Possession of the Frontrunner of Chic with a Louis Vuitton Sac D'paule Epi Shoulder Bag

There are many types of body wraps used in salons. A popular one being used is the herbal body wrap. This consist which cloth or linens soaked in is heated herbs and oils.

The purpose of this treatment is its healing properties and detoxification. For many, herbal body wraps are used for diminishing cellulite, for  anti-aging and also as a slimming procedure. Many spa technicians professing that it promotes detoxation and rids the lymphatic system of fat cells.

Women claim that that their skin has a smoother, less cellulite pockets and with a firmer texture immediately after just one treatment. Some even claim that their thighs have decreased by at least a quarter of an inch. Most spas do recommend a series of these wraps to achieve optimal and longer lasting results.

If considering this type of treatment, prepare for it with these few tips.
  • A treatment takes more than 1 ½ hours, so adjust schedule to achieve all the benefits without feeling rushed.
  • Avoid eating for at least 2 hours prior to the wrap.
  • Do not wear body oil, lotion or any perfume the day of the wrap.
  • Do drink plenty of water so as not to dehydrate.

When seeking for a designer handbag that is rare, unique and head- turner, look no further than an authentic Louis Vuitton Sac D'paule Epi Shoulder Bag.  Even Mandy Moore has taken this bucket in consideration and has been seen with it.

The bag is crafted in black Epi leather and smooth black leather trim and uses metal that is matched to its leather exterior.  It is a must for the chic business woman or that girl who wants to add a zest of texture to her basic black wardrobe.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton D'paule is a discontinued style making this chic bah even more valuable. 'D'paule' means 'shoulder bag' in French and its outer frame is shaped as a bucket with gentle pleated sides.

A starring feature contains a wrap around smooth leather bag-belt embossed with the LV monogram. The base the bucket is flat and can stand upright.

Its comfortable flat leather shoulder strap is adjustable to an individual’s fit and desire.

It adds a sophisticated look to each day and can adjust to accommodate documents and iPad or a make-up case.  Its lining is suede-like in a pale green heather hue. There is a D-ring centered near the opening that makes finding keys an ease.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Sac D'paule Epi Shoulder Bag is just the all around frontrunner for looking great effortlessly.

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