Dish Out Bona Fide Flair with a Louis Vuitton Drouot Tote Bag

Whether trying to save the pennies by chopping hair on your own, or trying to color it at home, it’s always best to look for a trained professional to do the deed.

Home coloring kits are not foolproof; the colors on the box are not always the colors the hairs end up with. The hue shown is based on hair samples that have been dyed that have no color to it whats-so-ever. One of the major problems with home dye kits is that some people are allergic to the contents.

At the salon, a hairstylist does a patch test. Although the direction on the box state to do this at home, not many people bother with this instruction. Most women believe that they aren’t allergic and will never have a reaction. However, it is an important step as anyone can be allergic despite having used the product previously.

The reaction can swell the skin about the eyes and face and/or give off a burning sensation on the face.

Dye kits can also be very wearing on the hair, and in adverse reactions can damage the hair shaft permanently.

The whole point of dying the locks is for it to look as natural, luxurious and vibrant as possible. Applying one color won’t achieve this. It is worthwhile to visit a hairstylist and pay a little extra for color that one actually wants and will be happy with and one that suits the individual.

If DIY hair color has come out atrociously it actually become more costly in correcting that color. The phrase penny-wise, dollar foolish comes to mind.

It just doesn’t pay to skimp especially with an accessory. Go for the gusto with one that will last for years as with an authentic Louis Vuitton Drouot Tote Bag.

This bucket frame has a vintage appeal with its ever-so-stylish slim and trim look and has been seen on Sarah Michelle Gellar. It is crafted in durable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, cowhide leather and gold tone hardware.

The pre-owned Drouot Tote is super structured with a flat bottom making ideal to upright on its own when placed down. 

It contains a long and adjustable shoulder strap making it ideal to carry hands free. 

An engraved LV pull is attached to its top zippered opening. The brown grainy leather interior is generously proportioned d to carry all daily necessities. The inside of the used Louis Vuitton Drouot has a slip-in pocket on its wall with a D-ring provided also.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Drouot Tote Bag will dish out bona fide flair for any fashionista.


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