The Louis Vuitton Vavin PM is a Most Welcomed Addition for Shopping

 More and more women are turning to their kitchens once again. Between those that are hooked on the entire chef shows on TV and those want to prepare a healthy home cook meals for the family, the kitchen should be well equipped.  Make cooking a joy and not a chore and add some new and not-so new gadgets.  
  • Blender
A blender is used for smoothies but can also blend crepe batter and pesto sauce, chop ice and even grate stale bread for homemade breadcrumbs.
  • Chopping board
Using the same board for chopping raw meat and vegetables can cause food poisoning. A simple and hygienic solution is to have several chopping boards in different colors and cauterize one for vegetables, meat, fish, bread, etc. to avoid contamination.
  • Digital kitchen scale
Much more efficient and accurate than old-fashioned spring-loaded scales, this little gem displays ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms.
  • Garlic press
Quit fussing and simply load in the garlic and turn the handle or press down.
  • Gloves
Heat-proof silicon gloves let one lift a hot pan from the oven without mishap.
  • Grater and zester
This is a cook’s treasure, is almost essential for producing perfect zest from lemons and limes or the finest shavings of cheese to finish a dish.
  • Kitchen Shears
Knives for carving, slicing and paring are mandatory, but overlook the convenience of kitchen shears. Snipping herbs, jointing a chicken and even cutting through bone are much easier with good shears.
  • Radio
Having a radio in the kitchen and listening to music is as essential as a kettle or a toaster to keep the mood elevated. 

Write down the items needed on a with the digital shopping list, purchase the freshest items and carry them home within an authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin PM.

This striking shopper is designed in the coated Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and is surrounded by natural cowhide trimmings and gold tone hardware. It offers a more contemporary appeal than others and heads will turn in that gourmet shop.

The used Louis Vuitton Vavin is carried by hand via its two flat leather handles.  It is easy to access contents in the pre-owned Vavin PM as the top is opened. Never getting in the way by its petite dimensions, its interior is generous in size to carry all daily necessities. Lined in tan canvas fabric, it is a breeze to remain organized. 

Two sides of the bag offers a compartment with a snap closure to keep items secure and out of sight to passerby’s. On the wall of the bag is a zippered pocket with leather trim.  A D-ring is attached inside to make it easy to locate keys.

Whether shopping for those hard to find items for a gourmet meal or taking a jaunt to the neighborhood deli, the authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin PM will be most welcomed.  It is the bag found Jennifer Love Hewitt’s arms that heads anywhere.

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