The Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 30 Should be Cherished as a Piece of Art

 Every day, word is out that too much fat and salt are detrimental to overall health.
  • Saturated fats:
Saturates are found mainly in meats (beef, lamb and pork) and meat by-products (suet, lard and drippings), in dairy products (milk, butter, cream and cheese) and in some vegetable oils (coconut and palm oil).

 They also are found in hard margarines use in cooking fat and in cakes, biscuits, puddings and chocolate. These may appear on the ingredient list under the name of “hydrogenated vegetable fat/oil”.

The more saturates eaten, the higher your blood cholesterol is likely to be. It is a high level of blood cholesterol that increases your risk of developing heart disease. Over time, cholesterol can build up on the walls of the arteries, especially those around the heart and can lead to a heart attack or heart disease. 
  • Salt
Only 1 gram of salt a day is needed, but on average, about 12 grams a day is taken in. More than half of this comes from processed foods, about ¼ is added during cooking or at the table and the remainder is naturally present in food.

For some people, too much salt can lead to high blood pressure which in turn increases the risk of strokes and heart disease. Those people who may be “salt sensitive” are difficult to identify, so play it safe and cut down on the amount of salt used.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 30 is exceedingly rare and would be a delight to own and many celebrities are still searching for one. One lucky one is Anna Dello Russo who carries it during everyday outings.

The Speedy 30 handbag is sometimes known as the “Aquarelle,” and works as a perfect match for either the latest in fashionable BoHo chic casual wear to even more tailored clothes such as the basic white linen dress. This hard to find gem was first introduced by designer Marc Jacobs and photographer Richard Prince.

This extraordinary pre-owned bag features the LV Monogram canvas in a color scheme featuring pink and tangerine hues, complemented with natural cowhide trim and polished golden brass hardware.

The Speedy secures via a zip top closure with the infamous LV padlock with key. The LV speedy features classy rolled cowhide handles making it easy to tote around.

The interior is lined in snow white canvas and includes one leather trim patch pocket for keys or a cell. The spacious used LV watercolor bag is perfect for keeping all of your necessities safe and secure.  

An authentic Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 30 is more than just another designer bag. It is piece of art that can be worn everyday over the arm and only goes up in value.

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