Obtain the Allure of a Chanel Single Flap Bag

The allure for pearls has been around nearly forever and once again is a hot must-have according to Vogue.

In ancient China, pearls were used as currency and considered more valuable than gold. They were even used as a beauty treatment by Cleopatra who had them ground to a fine powder and mixed that in her wine to drink. She assumed that the luster and beauty of a pearl would transform to the skin by in taking it into the body.

The passion behind this one basic accessory is worn to complete a wardrobe. This lustrous symbol of elegance was all the rage through Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel to become a universal essential for women throughout the world.

The elegant pearl enjoys a rekindling with every generation. Coco Chanel helped pearls to remain so, just as she did with a simple and stylish handbag.  The two go hand in hand perfectly and is just something that looks good when combined together.

Chanel is known as a first rate innovator behind the basic black dress, pearls and for her scrumptious accessory the Chanel Flap Bag.

Since its introduction, there has been one basic shape to the flap but within many sizes and colors. An authentic Chanel Single Flap will offer plenty of use in so many situations.

Any girl who owns a Chanel Flap will be on bag bliss. The pre-owned flap bag is crafted in Chanel’s exclusive black lambskin leather set in puffed diamond pattern. Besides its famous flap, it contains gold tone hardware including its CC logo on the front exterior. 

A black Chanel Flap is one sound investment for any handbag devotee and that alone makes this pre-owned iconic handbag the one that to treasure.

The single strap on the used flap has the classic gold chain link which is interwoven with black leather. Worn as a shoulder number, the single strap is made for comfort. This is one of Blake Lively’s favorite.

This chic and gorgeous bag opens up via a magnetic snap to a roomy interior and is lined in burgundy leather.

The Chanel medium flap has ample room in its leathered lined interior to store numerous personal items including wallet, keys and assorted personal effects with ease.
The inside contains a zippered wall pocket too.

An authentic Chanel Single Flap Bag makes perfect sense for dressier evenings and work day outings with a simple strand of pearls too.

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