Swing Out with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Pochette

The traditional photo album has become an endangered species. Now everyone’s going on a massive photo shot and creating precious memories that can languish on a computer system, DVD or USB memory stick to seemingly last forever.

Finding the photo
  • It is easy to rack up thousands of photos on the computer and can be frustrating in searching for them without going through them individually.
  • When first downloading photos, and prior to storing them away, attach some memorable tags (descriptive keywords) to each one. Press ‘ADD A TAG’ in the details section at the bottom that is unique to the photo.
  • Later on when searching, select ‘START’ and enter a keyword in the select box to bring up the photo.
  •  Share photos from a Smartphone using MMS, email or Bluetooth.
  • Emailing photos to friends and family is an ideal treat for them especially while on vacation. On a PC, right-click a photo and then select ‘EMAIL PICTURE’ or just send it as an attachment from a composed email. 
  • With a FaceBook account, log in to download the photos. If not seeking to make it public, choose a restricted setting and send a private message to the individual(s) and attach the photo or album there.
  • Burn the photos to either CD-R's, CD-RW's, DVD-R's or DVD-RW's as a storage option. Photos stored on DVDs in plastic cases kept away from sunlight and extreme temperatures should last for 50 years.
  • Another option is using an online storage solution for storing photos. There are two different types available with one that requires uploading all photos to an online domain.
  • The alternative method requires is downloading a software program that will automatically back up data directly from the computer and transmit them to an online storage facility.
  • Either option allows access to a mass amount of photos at any time and from any machine.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Pochette is perfect for casual wear, and is stunningly simple and understated. However, it will stand out as a quality designer handbag as Kim Kardashian and Hillary Duff know.

Crafted in the signature Louis Vuitton monogram coated canvas and natural cowhide trimmings, the slim line bag of the pre-owned LV can alternate its look in a variety of ways.

The used LV pochette can be worn as a clutch, wristlet, and shoulder bag or hand-held simply by adjusting or removing its gold chain link strap.

The uncomplicated frame contains a single top zip closure to keep items secure within.

The interior is lined with taupe alcantara material. The interior remains roomy enough to hold the necessities, especially when less is the order of the day.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Pochette swings out on its own as a photogenic winner for casual wear.



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