The Louis Vuitton Ellipse PM is the one Shape that Opens Up Elegance for All

Eyebrows can enhance the eyes, making a girl look even more attractive overall by opening them up.

There are many things to keep in mind when shaping eyebrows, like their thickness, or the strength of facial shape. Adhere to the following guidelines to assure that the brow matches the face.

• Square shape - The widths of the cheeks, fore head and jawline of the face are cubed and about equal on all sides.

Gear for a softer and rounded arch, since the bone structure of the face is sharp. Try to have the brows angle free to soften even more.

• Oval – The length of the face compared to the width is times one and a half

Opt for an elongated end point.  Brows that extend past the outer corner of the eyes offset a more vertical appearance.

• Heart – The face is narrow but is wide at cheekbones and/or forehead with a slightly pointed jaw line.

Create a brow that’s short and thick to balance the face. Avoid making them too wide, or else the chin will emerge as too thin.

• Round - The face has a soft curved chin, full checks and is as wide as it is long.

Enhance the face and eyes with a strong, high angled arch. The higher it is, the more sculpted the face will appear.

The number one pseudo “Bowling Bag” is the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse PM. No ball is needed and it really is an eye catching functional bag that serves everyday daily happenings.

Its rounded shaped frame makes it a stylish and spacious bag for traveling, work or out on a date. This is the one that will totally open up the trend in any woman.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas is durable and is featured on the Ellipse along its natural cowhide trimmings.

A word of advice is that the Ellipse handbag is more than a collectable as it is now a discontinued design. Uma Thurman, Madonna and other celebrities have been the lucky ones to grab on to its two rolled cowhide top handles.  

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Ellipse has a half moon opening zipper closure, complete with engraved LV gold tone pulls.  The interior is lined in matching tan canvas fabric and has one interior open patch pocket. Leys will be thrilled as they never have to be searched for with the interior D-ring.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Ellipse PM is as perfect as it comes to opening up accessory style.

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