Walk Out this Autumn with the Rare Louis Vuitton Epi Sablons Handbag

There is one way to go ‘green’ and so simply by just not overusing water.  Follow these easy tips and make a difference effortlessly.
  • Take showers
Keep the bath as a treat as it uses, on average, 80 liters of water. A water-efficient  shower head uses around 32 liters and could save as much as $100 off a yearly water bill. Be wary of power showers though. They can use up to 74 liters more than a standard version (based on an average 8-minute shower). 
  • Tea for two
Boiling more water than needed for tea, pasta and vegetables can take its toll on the water level.  The  water-saving potential is impressive by just cutting back a little.
  • Purchasing appliances
When buying a new washing machine, dishwasher or shower, choose one with the most  efficient grade nit only for electric but water consumption.
  • Plants
The Horticultural Society recommends putting water-retaining crystals and gels in pots and flower beds to lock in moisture making watering the plant less frequent.  Water the roots rather than the leaves of plants and avoid using too many thirsty small pots and hanging baskets.
  • Mowing
Go easy on mowing the lawn too. The shorter it is, the less moisture it retains.

Add a bit of green to a wardrobe by using a designer handbag by Louis Vuitton. The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Sablons is a very stylish hand-held bag. With its softly square frame, Sablons that will make any outfit appear more sophisticated and upscale.

Besides being crafted in the desirable Epi leather, smooth trimmings and gold tone hardware, this design has been retired and is a hard-to-find emerald gem. The Epi leather is known to be extremely durable, making this the LV bag to be worn over the arm all year regardless of weather conditions

Consider the pre-owned LV Epi Salons as a classic, and a great every day bag that just exudes premium quality and class like Anne Hathaway.

Its exterior features double rolled handles and a convenient open pocket on one side of its exterior.

The double zipper closure with LV engraved pulls secures the handbag’s interior. It is lined green alcantara fabric that resembles rich suede. There is plenty of inside capacity to place in all belongings with ease. An added feature is a large open flat pocket on its wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Sablons Handbag will be a head turner this fall since it is rarely seen about.

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