The Louis Vuitton Monogram Alize Poches Travel Bag will Never get Lost in a Crowd

In the height of summer, it is time to be reminded of important tips of sun care.
  • Do place the moisture back in after being in the sun. Even sensible sun exposure dries out skin and hair, so use a rich after-sun. Pick one with aloe vera for its cooling properties.
  • Do invest in a separate facial sun cream if you’re prone to breakouts.
  • SPF body lotions can be greasy so buy a face specific one for oily skin types.
  • Do make sure to applying enough sun protection and check the use-by date. Cancer Research recommends 2 teaspoons of cream for the body. Most SPF creams only last 2 years so check if you’re not using a new bottle.
  • Don’t forget to protect the scalp and lips. It’s easy to burn your scalp. Protect it with some regular sun cream rubbed into your parting and around your hairline or invest in a scalp and hair SPF.
  • Lip balm that doesn’t contain an SPF will burn your lips so be sure to pick up one with protection.
  • Don’t ever go below a SPF factor 15. As tempting as that Factor 4 oil is, it’s offering next to no protection. Head for 15 and over always.
  • Never keep cream in direct sunlight as hot temperatures can destroy its effectiveness.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Alize Poches Travel Bag will do the trick when taking off to that place in the sun. It is the ideal piece of luggage to pack everything needed for a getaway. 

The pre-owned luggage is crafted the durable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas with vachetta leather trimmings.

The vachetta leather is used for the bag’s two rolled handles and runs along the perimeter of the case.

The used LV Louis Vuitton suitcase contains a removable leather luggage tag attached to the handle. Carry it by hand or add the canvas and leather trim removable shoulder strap to make it an ease to carry.

The frame is large and rounded with gold tone hardware.

The pre-owned LV Alize Poches can take a lot of travel punishment.  There are dual top zippers with LV engraved pulls.

All vacation necessities can be accommodated easily in its large compartment. A tan linen-like fabric lining is utilized and there a huge wall flat open pocket for extra storage.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Alize Poches Travel Bag is the one piece of luggage that will never get lost in a crowd.

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