Create a Total Step up to any Outfit with a Chanel Single Flap

For softer skin and callus free beauty, look no further than the kitchen cupboards. Many of the foods we eat every day have amazing beauty benefits when applied topically. So if you’re a bit short of cash, there’s no need to compromise and  just head straight for the kitchen.
  • Sugar
Sugar based cleansers and body scrubs are all the rage and with good reason. Sugar is terrific for removing dry or dead skin without irritating. A couple of recipes for at home exfoliators to leave skin soft and smooth:
Use one part gentle cleansing lotion and one part raw sugar as a face wash once a week. Pour ¼ cup sugar on half a grapefruit then wash the body with it. Grapefruit are especially effective for treating oil skin (except on the face), the citrus acid helps keep oil secretion in check.
  • Olive oil
Reap the benefits by using olive oil to moisturize hands. Simply place fingertips in a small bowl of heated oil once a week for 10 minutes to condition cuticles.  
Another use of olive oil is removing waterproof mascara just dab a few drops on a cotton ball and swipe over closed eyes.
  • Bath
Few things are as relaxing as a hot bath, especially when adding all the other ingredients into the water. To ease aches and pains, pour half a cup of apple cider vinegar into the bath. It will not only relax muscles with its calming effects, but it will make the skin soft and silky. It’s also terrific for soothing sunburn.
Add a couple of chamomile tea bags to the bath to help cleanse pores.
  • Steaming
Use herbal tea as a steam facial which will do wonders for preventing breakouts.

With skin in soft and tip top condition as total elegance as a finishing touch with an authentic Chanel Single Flap. This pre-owned Chanel flap has fused puffed stitching and is crafted in delightful black lambskin leather in a diamond pattern.

It continues on its flipside and with a welcomed flat pocket.  The Chanel flap has a gold tone clasp lock opening.

The styling behind the used Chanel is extremely chic and contains trimming in smooth black leather. This one will be classified as a true collectable for Chanel lovers and is a sure bet for Julia Stiles, Paris Hilton and Julia Roberts.

The signature Chanel chain and leather woven strap is also in gold and black leather and worn as a shoulder bag, either as a single or double strap.
Everything will fit within the burgundy leather lined bag with ease.  The stunning used Chanel flap offers a flat open pocket found directly below a zippered compartment with a CC logo gold tone pull.

The authentic Chanel Single Flap is the bag to make an impression and create a total step up to any outfit.


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