The Gucci Black Messenger Hobo Bag is an Italian Holiday

 Make it a real and personal "Roman Holiday" in the "Caput Mundi" (the capital of the world). Not only does Rome prove that claim by the obvious Coliseum and Vatican, but everything in between and around.

A concentration of impressions is totally free to the visitor by Rome´s many monuments and places of interest seen just by walking around. The works of art and architectural wonders to be admired are countless in Rome. The Spanish Steps up to Trinit dei Monti, Piazza di Spagna, St. Marks Basilica, bocca della verit (mouth of truth), Trevi Fountain and numerous museums are just a few of the many features that make this city so unique.  

Eat delicious Italian food by dining in cafes and restaurants throughout Rome. Order 'Fettuccine Alfredo' in this historical city as this dish has an enduring tale (true or not) behind its debut.

In the early 20th century, a restaurateur, named Alfredo, developed this sauce made from Parmigianino cheese, cream, and butter for his pregnant wife. The traditional red tomato sauce made her become ill.

When he offered the Alfredo sauce as an alternative, the wife ate the pasta without incident and "the rest is history."  Alfredo may be long gone, but his restaurant, 'Alfredo’s of Roma' still stands and serves this most famous dish.

The authentic Gucci Black Messenger Hobo Handbag combines edgy with chic and is perfect to carry throughout Rome, whether in Italy, New York or Georgia.

Even while maintaining a sophisticated and timeless appeal, this Gucci sustains comfort and practicality.The simple frame is tailored in iconic black monogram GG logo canvas fabric against a charcoal background. Black leather is utilized on its wide and adjustable shoulder strap. Keep the bag low towards the hip or higher and closer to the body.

Gold hardware is feature on the pre-owned Gucci messenger bag´s stylish exterior with an engraved name plate stating “Gucci Made in Italy.”  The engraving doesn’t stop there as the adjustable canvas strap also is accented by its clasps, as is the strap rings.

A top zipper opens up to roomy space. The full size interior of this used Gucci can carry all personal effects without being squished in. The inside is completely lined in contrasting lighter hue grey fabric. A zippered compartment is placed within along one side.

The authentic Gucci Black Messenger Hobo bag will confidently hold its style and remain sharp while enjoying dinner at Alfredo’s of Rome or sightseeing anywhere as Eva Longoria does.

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