Own an Exceptional Bag this Summer of the Chanel White Quilted Lambskin Single Flap

The heat and grime can easily have normally clear skin develop into a break out. Try a few summertime hints in order to prevent pimples and blemishes.
  • Maintain a clean face all day long by carrying facial wipes and use when perspiring to remove excess oil and dirt.
  • Try to wash the face twice a day with an antibacterial soap (three times if you prone to suffering from acne).
  •  Keep everything that has direct contact with the face clean by using fragrance free, antibacterial soaps.
  • Luckily women tend to wear less makeup during the days of summer. However, when wearing make-up, ensure it is specifically designed for skin type and throw it away once it reaches its expiry date.
  • Moisturizers can also lead to acne, especially those that are oil based. Check its oil content and if high, leave that brand for winter.
  • This tried and true rule applies all year round. Always make sure the face is washed before going to bed and is debris free.
  • Exfoliation is important to get rid of dead cells which dulls the complexion. Do one at least once a week but with a gentler product and don’t over scrub.
  • Keep hair off the face and try to avoid touching the face to prevent the hands transferring extra oils to it.
An authentic Chanel White Quilted Lambskin Single Flap is definably a winner in the quest of a perfectly elegant summertime accessory.
This classic pre-owned Chanel is made from buttery soft white signature lambskin leather in a quilted diamond pattern and it stands out as a summertime winner.  Its back exterior contains an open flat pocket.
All hardware is gold tone including the classic CC logo clasp that opens and closes the Chanel flap.
The single strap is crafted in the traditional Chanel gold chain link interwoven with white leather. The contrasting between the two is ever-so-trendy. The top potion of the strap is padded in soft white leather making an easy number to drape on the shoulder in comfort.
The interior of the used Chanel Flap is lined in smooth soft super white leather.  Stylishly spacious it offers more interior space than imaginable for all personal items. There is a zippered wall pocket as well as an open flat pocket within it.
The authentic Chanel White Quilted Lambskin Single Flap is a quite an exceptional bag and one that celebrities, such as Tara Reid, Courtney Cox and Hillary Duff  insist is a must-have

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