One of the best stomach reducers to be toned enough for a bikini is the Pilates Plank. The plank uses many muscles at once, and helps align the body, so is good for posture too.  Strengthening the core muscles not only helps tone the stomach but also protects against lower back injuries.
  • Lie on the stomach with forearms on the floor and elbows directly under the shoulders.
  • Raise the whole body in a straight line, supporting it at the other end with the balls of the feet.
  • If the entire body can’t beraise, keep the knees at the floor until you get stronger.
  • Make sure the bottom isn’t sticking out and that the back and neck are in one long line.
  • Beginners should hold the position with knees on the floor for 30 seconds, then rest and repeat 3 times, aiming to get the knees off the floor as the muscles strengthen.
  • Balance on the toes, increasing until you can hold for 1 minute, repeating three times.
Before one knows it, the stomach will be firm and trim and wearing a bikini at the beach will be done so confidently.
An authentic Louis Vuitton Saumur 35 is the “twofold” bag that is handy to carry the camera, towel, and bottle of water and all the items needed during the carefree days of summer.
Offering an equestrian saddle bag look, the used Saumur 35 is in a much more up to date interpretation.  Yet it remains an undeniably luxurious purse that is comfortable and casual crafted in the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas.
The pre-owned LV Saumur 35 contains the sought-after dual compartments. Each are covered over by a flap that secured by exterior buckle closures.
Shoulder, cross body or handle style can be had with ease via its long and adjustable strap with pad made only with natural cowhide leather. Gold tone hardware completes this fine Louis Vuitton version of function with style.
The used Saumur only offers super-size space inside making carrying all those everyday essentials with no squeezing inside. It is lined completely in canvas fabric and contains several open and large pockets for specific storage needs.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Saumur 35 handbag is sized right for a weekend getaway, a day at the beach and going on an outdoor get together with friends.