Leave the Wallet at Home and Use the Louis Vuitton Monogram Marelle Instead

For impromptu outdoor dining, gas grills are the winner at 52% of votes, but charcoal can’t be beat for an authentic barbecue flavor. Have the best of both worlds and choose a gas barbecue that has either lava rocks around the burners or metal plates over them. When grease and meat juices vaporize, they infuse the food with smoke.

Employ these tips to ensure not being stuck worrying behind the grill all day whether a backyard soiree or a huge affair at Southfork.

  • Avoid using too many different meats or cuts as this could get confusing. Burgers, chicken, sausages and ribs are excellent barbecue foods.
  • Barbecuing from raw is easier and safer but takes longer.
  • Burgers generally cook more quickly and evenly than chicken. Chicken pieces should be fairly small and uniform in size n the grill. 
  • Pre-cook ribs the day before in the oven and allow them to tenderize over night. Similarly, pre-heat sausages in a pan of simmering water a few hours before barbecuing, then drain well.
  • Cook raw foods first as these will take longest, then simply reheat and brown the pre-cooked morsels over the coals or gas.
  • To reduce flare-ups, which make food look black and dirty, trim all fat off meat and then cook.
  • For cooking roasts and thicker foods, get a barbecue with a domed lid and an integral temperature gauge. This way the heat can be controlled. 
  • All meat benefits from some resting time after cooking. The break gives a chance to put out any salads, buns or sauces. 

With all the potential barbecues, either as the host or the guest, a designer handbag that is easy to carry and leaves a modern fashionista hands free is in order.

Many women simply don´t want a bag to lug around and then can’t find it when they are ready to depart.  Instead, they admire the convenience of what the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Marelle offers.

It will be the one casual designer handbag that is always appropriate no matter the season or attire.

The signature Louis Vuitton monogram canvas waist belt is complimented by its natural cowhide leather trimmings. This includes its slim trim adjustable and removable waist belt. Wear it around the waist or use it over the shoulder during casual outings. Remove the strap and have a sharp looking elegant clutch.

The pre-owned LV waist bag opens via a single snap flap closure that is secured by two buckles. Once opened it exposes its brown fabric lining and roomy interior. Leave the wallet at home as there is a closed pocket perfect for throwing in cards, ID and money.

Simple in style, the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Marelle will prove to be the everywhere and everyday purse.

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