Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and for healing purposes was introduced through the teachings Dr. Mikao Usui.
It utilizes a system of natural healing based upon the many different cultures.

'Rei,' the first syllable of the Japanese word Reiki, means "universal source." 'Ki,' the second syllable, is the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese word chi and the Hindu word prana, often expressed in English as "the breath of life." Ki is frequently translated as life-force energy" or simply "energy." Ki is the energy that flows through all forms of life everywhere including human beings. One who has been attuned to Reiki can be said to be Reiki.

Reiki is broken down into 3 main levels. Each level is passed on to the new person through a series of "attunements". Each attunement opens the energy channels within the person so they can receive and use the universal energy which is around us.
  • First level Reiki allows the person to heal themselves and others by laying on hands.
  • Second level Reiki gets into the three symbols of Reiki and their uses, mental and emotional healing, group healing and distance healing.
  • Third level is the master level at which the Reiki practitioner can start passing on their knowledge and abilities by attuning others to Reiki.
Reiki is limited by no specific religion and is available to anyone who wants to learn it. Some practitioners also employ hypnosis, aromatherapy or crystal healing to make their use of Reiki more effective or to serve as a focus for their healing efforts.

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