The ‘stars’ of this summer season are definitely natural fabrics.  Natural fabrics have lots of advantages with the number one being that they are breathable. The other reason is natural fabrics look classier and stylish and can lend themselves to all sorts of designs. Many people are put off by thin thinking that they needs more care such as ironing and dry cleaning.

All natural fabrics can be washed as long as extra care is taken. In many cases it is the lining or inner lining that can cause a washing problem.  Always follow the care label instructions.

Some of the most popular natural fabrics include:
  • Linen
Linen has a lovely cool and informal appeal. It wears well and actually improves with age. The drawback is that it creases easily and doesn’t maintain that freshly press look. It is washable by hand and will need a pressing. Always turn the darker hue garments inside out to avoid iron shine.
  • Cotton
Cotton is available in all thickness, textures and characters ranging from fine voile to poplin, seersucker, denim and piquet. Hand-washing gives the best result for the more delicate textures. Any piece should be washed in cool to cold water, whether by hand or machine.
  • Silk
Silk should be dried clean. However, they should be done so separately, so inform the dry cleaners to do so. Pastel colors can become dull if cleaned with darker fabrics. Alternatively, silk can be hand-washed in tepid water.  Use an iron at the lowest setting possible with the garment slightly damp as not to burn it.

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