The Louis Vuitton Graffiti Neverfull GM is always in Demand

Forget the weekly trip to the manicurist. Try some easy things that keep hands looking feminine and polished.
  • Use cuticle oil.
Dry, raggedy cuticles look unkempt. Massage in a drop of cuticle oil to moisten and soften dry spots.
  • Condition before bed
Smooth a cream nail strengthener onto and under nails before going to bed for extra hydration.
  • Buff away ridges
Vertical lines in nails make hands look aged. Use a buffer to smooth away those ridges.
  • Tap away
 Studies show that tapping your nails on a hard surface such as a desk stimulates nail growth.
  • Keep them short
Long nails are passé even if kept meticulously manicured. File tips to just beyond the end of the finger.
  • Go French
French manicures have made a comeback as a classic, chic alternative to simple sheer polish. DIY kits make it easy to get the look at home.
  • Moisturize with every washing
Slather on moisturizer whenever you get your hands wet. Without it, nails can become dry and brittle.
  • Brush away
Wash hands and use a brush to scrub away under-nail grime.
  • Use cuticle remover often
By keeping the skin around the nail soft and exfoliated won’t overgrow and doesn’t need it be cut. Look for a cream cuticle remover and apply at least every other day.

All digits and hands will standout when carrying an unforgettable designer handbag, such as the authentic Louis Vuitton Graffiti Neverfull GM bag.

The Graffiti is exceedingly rare and would be a delight to own and carry for anytime outings. This extraordinary pre-owned bag designed by Stephen Spouse features the LV Monogram canvas with make-a-statement neon green Graffiti lettering complemented with natural cowhide trim and polished golden brass hardware.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM can make its size adjustable. With the leather side pulls on each side, adjustment can be made to order for the internal capacity needed.

The interior will further surprise its owner.  The GM is the largest version of the Neverfull series and fulfills its namesake.Inside its unique graffiti textile lining screams out and is splattered with ‘Louis Vuitton Paris’ in lime green.

Its interior offers super sized space. There is a walled zippered pocket finished off nicely with natural cowhide leather trim and an engraved LV pull.  An attached and dangling key ring holder is an added bonus to help find keys when the bag is full.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Graffiti Neverfull GM bag is a head turner and celebrities such as Madonna have made it even more in demand.

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