Collectables can only mean Owning a Chanel Tan Caviar Medallion Tote

Collectables can range from thimbles, stamps, baseball cards, coins, dolls to model cars and planes.

One highly desirable collectable is art. For some, the idea of collecting art is seeking a long term investment of buying low and then eventually selling high.For others it is strictly a business venture to re-sell as a gallery owner, and for some it is having something that offers a lifelong pleasure. But whatever the reason, art collecting is fun, refreshing, exciting and mind expanding.
  • Buying a piece of art for the first time, or even consulting a professional in the vast areas of contemporary visual art can be an intimidating prospect, but one which carries many rewards.
  • There is no substitute for looking at art. Head to several museums and look at the paintings, graphics and sculptures from the masters. Using the sense of sight, discover what makes them so.
  • Pick up a few books on the subject and learn the difference between the abstract, impressionistic and surrealist painters and their styles.
  • Apart from being a highly pleasurable and rewarding leisure activity, it is also by far the best training for any future collector.
  • However, for any individual, the most important reason for buying any piece of art is because you like it.
The authentic Chanel Tan Caviar Medallion allows a fashionista to remain chic and polished with this gem. This stunner from the Medallion series  is crafted in scrumptious puffed quilted caviar leather and contains gold tone hardware.
The caviar Medallion proudly sits on the arms of the fans of Anna Hu, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Alexa Chung and many others.
This pre-owned Chanel Covering the exterior of this used savvy shopper is an ultra-sized, "CC" logo embossed in leather. The back has an extra large patch pocket.
All hardware is gold-tone, including the distinctive CC dangling medallion hanging over the side that is attached to the top zip closure.
The presence of this medallion is just what sets this tote from Chanel apart from other handbag designers. Known as the ultimate in luxury craftsmanship, it makes good sense to carry the one designer handbag that is roomy and has a very durable as well.
The interior of this pre-owned beauty is spacious, and roomy enough to carry all personal necessities. The inside lined in soft and smooth leather, and contains a zippered pocket and a flat open one as well. 
Ever since the debut of the authentic Chanel Tan Caviar Medallion Tote, it was apparent that its stunning tailoring was here to stay making this one a timeless addition for any woman.

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