If looking to tone up, lose weight or improve posture, visualize what shape is now present. Then picture where it should be. Break down the goal into mini targets and most of important, question if these goals are realistic.

It’s all very well for someone who’s a size 16 to become a size 8 figure, but it’s more motivational to aim to be a size 14 in three months and decreasing in time. Add a motivational mantra, such as that of a favorite celebrity´s shape, and about what if will feel like after succeeding.

  • Curvy women are more apt to be an endomorph, with bigger bones, a larger trunk and thighs and prone to a high percentage of body fat. As fat loss is the major goal, aim to get out of breath through at least 25 minutes of cardio work.
  • Muscular types tend to be a mesomorph, having broad shoulders, narrow waist and carry more weight in the upper body. Achieve most from a workout by varying it, swapping between light and heavy weights. Cardio work is important, but mesomorphs can get away with doing loads one day and less the next.
  • Those with narrow waist, hips and shoulders and low body-fat percentage are predominately ectomorphs. Gaining weight by increasing muscle tone should be the main goal. Using heavy weights should be enough to improve fitness but not to lose weight. Long walks are perfect and ectomorphs should also increase their intake of a healthy, well-balanced diet.

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