Enjoy a Chic Collectable such as the Louis Vuitton Epi Cluney Handbag

Venice in its entirety is made up in fest of mosaics. Its facades are of Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. Another piece of its makeup is a unique feature of being auto free. Get on the walking shoes and hop aboard the water taxis, known as Vaporetti, to get around as it is the most scenic way.

Celebrity sightings have been numerous in the city of canals. St. Mark’s Square is still the perfect place to start an exploration of the city’s historical buildings.

St. Mark’s Basilica is a highlight and should be viewed during the day first and obtain another glimpse at night for a whole new perspective.

Go ahead and play a tourist too, by undergoing that classic gondola canal ride while being serenaded with the surrounding evening lights aglow.

Venice spans much further out and is actually located on more than 100 islands. Discover the flavors of this region by visiting any number of wineries in the region.

Alleyways in Venice lead to secret, hidden squares filled with interesting shops, especially the narrow streets near San Marco. A Venetian specialty is a handmade mask, traditionally worn for festivals and balls for centuries. Found throughout the city are the small hand crafted paintings by local artists.

For over 700 years Venetian glassware has been made on the Island of Murano. Murano glass is not restricted to vases and made into jewelry also.  Known as "Venetian pearls", these colored glass beads are extremely popular even among the residents.

The out of production design of an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny embodies the hue that is always a winner  to look chic no matter where it is locate of basic black.

The pre-owned LV Epi is brilliant and still looks modern and fresh with its bucket style exterior. It is crafted in the durable Epi textured leather and offers instant recognition by the embossed LV at the bottom corner of the exterior.  Fans of the Epi, include many of those who travel to Venice, including Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet, while seen drinking an espresso.

The Cluny comtains gold tone hardware and offers an engraved LV turn clasp closure over the flap top opening. An long adjustable shoulder strap will meet any diva’s needs to wear the way they like.

The interior of the used LV Cluny is lined with matching charcoal alcantara fabric. It is a roomy edition for one who requires super space and the inside tof this stunning hard to find bag will always provide.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny is a collectable that adds a bit of style to a city such as Venice.

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