Embody Style, Grace and Elegance with the Louis Vuitton Epi St. Jacques

Many a diva has avoided teeth whitening due to the rumors out there of the procedure being uncomfortable, expensive and sore gums. Even the over the counter products were cumbersome to use.

Happily there has been a vast change to these early methods of giving a girl a fresh smile.  The new technology and DIY whitening products are making a treatment of choice available for everyone.

Whitening treatments use carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, whether in an at-home kit or at the dentist’s office. The difference is that in the dentist’s chair, patient is receiving a higher dosage than what is placed in the do-it-yourself procedures.

The end result difference between the two is longevity. It is not unusual that a whitening session done at the dentist can last as much as for three to five years, whereas, an over-the-counter option now holds the record of three months.

The downside when comparing the procedure at the dentist is price. Whitening strips are definitely a more affordable option and have an advantage of keeping the peroxide localized on teeth.  By carefully targeting the treatment, this alleviates any sensitivity to the gums. 

There is also a whitening pen on the market. This allows one to paint the bleaching agents carefully on stained areas. A benefit is that one can pick and choose a specific tooth rather than working on the entire set.

The stunning and discontinued authentic Louis Vuitton Epi St. Jacques embodies style, grace and elegance.

Tailored in an art nouveau inspired silhouette, the St. Jacque still glares as modern and fresh by its durable water resistant black Epi grained leather.

The Louis Vuitton bucket has been spotted over the shoulders of Kelly Rutherford, Holly Madison, Beyonce, and Cheryl Cole. It can also be carried by hand by its dual leather handles.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Epi St. Jacques is brilliant and still looks modern and fresh with its exterior is done in the classic LV hit, durable Epi textured leather. The used tote can be carried over the shoulder or by hand.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton tote presents the discreetly embossed LV initials at the bucket’s base.

The interior of the handbag provides great space.   All necessities are safely secured with a top zipper closure. Inside is one patch pocket.

The  discriminating collector’s bag of an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi St. Jacques will get its share of use day in and day out stylishly.

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