The Chanel Single Flap is a Handbag of Timeless Distinction

While the choices is endless in the spectrum of jewelry to fill up any woman's  jewelry box, there are a few basic pieces that are considered staples.
  • Studs
The advantages with stud earrings is they are always a fashionable and a timeless classic. They are an effective focal point, of drawing one's eyes upward to the face of the wearer. Studs have the least amount of wear or damage, which is a plus for lovers of the softer gems, such opals or pearls.
  • Necklace
A properly selected necklace can enhance any outfit from casual to formal, and everything in between. While the type is a matter of taste, it might be prudent to own at least two necklaces in yellow gold and in sterling silver.
  • Hoop earrings
Hoop earrings are another accessory that never goes out of style. These can be anything from a simple metal hoop to a jewel encrusted confection. If possible, have two sets with one in gold and the other silver. For dressier occasions, channel-set diamonds are always in style, or perhaps the wearer's birthstone would hold greater appeal.
  • Pendant
Nothing adds a bit of extra flare to a necklace like a well-matched pendant. With the growing trend of two-tone jewelry (yellow and white gold together), even one pendant can expand one's fashion horizons.
  • Cocktail ring
Lastly, the cocktail ring is an important piece to own. It gives that final touch to more formal occasions, or just a "night out with the girls".  A cocktail ring needs no reason to be worn other than at the whim of the wearer. It also seems to create a certain aura of independence.
Another piece of must-have in a designer handbag is the ever-so-timeless authentic Chanel Single Flap that so many celebrities own such as Lauren Conrad, Katie Holmes and Chloë Sevigny have. Chanel´s classic style of purse will never disappoint. 
The eternal classic of this pre-owned Chanel flap handbag is constructed with the softest quilted lambskin with diamond quilted pattern.  The flap contains an open pouch pocket on its back exterior.  It features the characteristic interlocking CC logo turn-lock clasp in gold tone hardware.
The Chanel flap stands above the other classic basic black bags with good looks and unique strap. The pre-owned Chanel Single chain strap is crafted in gold tone metal interwoven in black leather. This is a practical design that simply slings over the shoulder. 
The interior has a good deal of room in its fine smooth lambskin lining of burgundy.  There are two separate compartments to keep belongings organized. 
The authentic Chanel Single Flap Bag is a bag of distinction and always makes for good accessory sense to carry.


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