Breakthrough with Super Casual Style with a Louis Vuitton Neokabyi GM

The use of salts in baths appears to have made its debut in 2,700 B.C. This breakthrough by the Chinese of mixing salt in the bath water with other items helped certain types of medical conditions. They considered this blend as an aid to good health and believed it rectified digestive, skin diseases, and respiratory problems. 

Bath salts are mainly used today for the relaxation of the muscles, This experience can be further enhanced by adding in aromatherapy bath oils. This combo changes the balance of the water so that the skin is treated to a jolt of moisture and antiseptic qualities at the same time.

There are comparable types of salt that can be added to the bath water. Table salt placed on food does not contain any benefits for the skin or body.

Sea salt is the recommended type that is used in many spas. For years, visitors head to the Dead Sea in droves just to gain the healing benefits of its therapeutic water. Specialty stores sell the salt from this region.

Another option to try and is more easily found are sea salt from Hawaii and the Mediterranean or any organic sea salt.

Aromatherapy along with bath salts can alleviate stress and the agreeable aroma is also good for relaxing the brain cells bringing on an evening of total bliss in relaxation.

The next day take a break and keep that relaxing spirit intact. The authentic Louis Vuitton Neokabyi GM is super casual and practical yet stunning. This is one designer bag by Louis Vuitton that is not seen too often.

The LV monogram is done up in "Gris Bleu" denim and is ideal for everyday wear. Its name of Neokabyi originates from Kenya and stands for related to. Nothing relates more than this pre-owned Louis Vuitton slouchy frame with its vachetta leather trim and shiny gold tone hardware.

As casual as this bag gets, it provides some true high quality chic touches.

The used LV Neokabyi GM has two top rounded leather handles that makes it easy to carry. Also, the bag contains a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

There are protective feet, studs and adjustable buckles on the sides of the tote.

The top zipped Neokabyi GM opens up to a curry colored micro fabric lining. There is plenty of space, plus a zippered pocket and an open compartment for a cell.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Neokabyi GM is one bag that doesn’t call for a dress code and just looks good.

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