Add the Thirst Quencher of Style with a Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea GM Bag

Every part of the body contains water. Water helps regulate the body temperature, transports oxygen to the cells and protects joints and organs.

Due to excessive heat or by just by not drinking enough liquids leads to dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration do vary and can include joint and muscle pain anywhere on the body, headaches, constipation and of course, being thirsty.

Water is probably the best choice for rehydration as it is refreshing, and calorie-free. Sometimes though, drinking it all day long can become a little boring. There are others items that contain enough water to consider adding to the diet that can hydrate an individual just as well.

These foods are low in calories, yet they take up more space in the stomach, making one feeling fuller. This works two-fold for not only hydrating the body but helping shed off a few pounds. Add these items to a summer meal and stay hydrated for the course of the day.

  • Cucumbers contains 96% water
  • Watermelon contains 96% water
  • Pineapple contains 95% water
  • Blueberries contain 95% water
  • Celery contains 95% water
  • Lettuce contains 95% water
  • Tomatoes contain 94% water
  • Cantaloupes contains 92% water
  • Broccoli contains 91% water
  • Grapefruits contains 90% water
  • Pears contains 89% water
  • Carrots contains 87% water
  • Apples contains 84% water
The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea GM Bag is one bag that satisfies lovers of great designer handbags. The Louis Vuitton Chelsea Tote Bag is crafted in the much desired checker board dark chocolate Damier coated canvas. This is a tote to harness power and can be carry every day around town and into the office.
It fulfills fine tatse even more so by its gold tone hardware and dark brown leather trimmings running on its exterior all the way down to the bottom’s smooth base. 
The pre-owned Chelsea is no small bag and its flat double leather handles adjust on all four ends to whatever its user is comfortable with. The sides of the tote have overlapping leather trim with a top zipper closure attached. The zipper is a double with two engraved LV gold tone pulls.
The used Louis Vuitton's inside has ample capacity within and is lined in bright red textile fabric. There is a large zip pocket trimmed in matching leather with attached LV engraved pull on one side of the bag. 
The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea GM Bag is the one not to miss out on. It’s a true thirst quencher for style any time of the year.

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