The Chanel Single Flap Heads over the Rainbow with Charms

 L. Frank Baum's most cherished story in 1900 introduced Dorothy Gale. She quickly became a favorite character everywhere in America from that day forward.

Dorothy gained world recognition in 1939, when portrayed byJudy Garland, in the MGM film "The Wizard of OZ.". Besides the introduction of the movie, the book still reigns and has been published every year as its original version.

While many films from the past are somewhat shelved, the next generation, gets to experience this eternal classic. It turns out to be one of the top selling DVD's and is reported to be the most viewed film ever made.

Each generation has come to adore this movie and its annual showing on TV still makes it one of the highest rated nights each year.
The story has also transformed from a movie to an Off-Broadway and then a Broadway show in 1975 simply titled "The Wiz."

This adaptation involved Dorothy to be in the midst of a modern inner city. Stephanie Mills starred as Dorothy in the theatrical musical. "The Wiz," hit the screens as a movie starring Diana Ross in 1978.

Many treasure the entertainment, story of this legendary film, its message and its legacy for future generations, both as a book and film. It is timeless.

Another feature that 'heads over the rainbow' in a designer handbag and has remained a classic for eons is the authentic Chanel Single Flap. This is the one that hundreds of celebs own including Claudia Schiffer.

The Chanel Flap is never outdated and will always proclaim pure elegance. The used flap is simply square, and is known as the number one bag sought after bag on any handbag collector´s must-have list.

It is crafted in soft black leather in a striking diamond quilted pattern that gives it such a contemporary flair despite the decade it was created in by Coco Chanel.

An open back exterior pocket is always welcomed as is the Chanel   distinctive “CC” logo turn clasp closure on the front flap. It is based in gold tone, as is the rest of the hardware.

However, the stunning and unforgettable flap bag one has an added attraction. The distinction to this used Chanel designer handbag is that its gold chain links interwoven with black leather single strap is enhanced by multi-colored charms including hearts and stars.

The pre-owned Chanel flap bag’s interior is lined in smooth black fabric textile.  It is spacious enough for organization of wallet, keys and makeup. A zippered pocket adds to extra security and has a dangling Chanel CC coin as its pull.

The authentic Chanel Single Flap Bag is a perfect statement attesting that the classics will always reign as the best.

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