The Chanel Single Chain Handbag is as Cool as it Gets on a Hot Summer’s Day

 Anyone can wilt when the temperature soars to those heights of sizzling, sweltering, steamy and scorching.

There's no need to surrender, no matter what the thermometer says. Beat the heat by using these tips to keep the temps down in the home.

  • Crock-pots are associated with winter meals. However, its use during the summer can alleviate the need of a hot oven and range, which increases the temperature in the home.
  •  Use major appliances, such as dryers and dishwashers, after the sun sets and the outside temperature’s at its lowest. Power used for these appliances raise the indoor temperature will be felt.
  • Glass windows absorb a huge amount of heat and the ones that get the most sun need to be protected.  Shade sun-facing windows and by doing so is almost sure to reduce the a/c bill.
  • Ceiling fans provide constant air flow and make the body feel much cooler. Add one to the rooms with the most use, and enjoy a balmy breeze even when indoors.
  • An A/C not working at its full capacity can mean a dirty air filter. This places a strain on the unit as well as increasing electric bills.  Clean or change filters regularly and improve your A/C's ability to keep your home it’s coolest.
A Chanel designer handbag has staying power. However, go lighter than with the classic leather and chose an authentic Chanel Single Chain instead.
With a frame that is timeless and chic, Rachel Zoe lets this one is fits right in the heat of the day.  Crafted in a linen fabric exterior in a tan hue, the Chanel flap has still kept its standard diamond pattern design.
The pre-owned Chanel Flap is sure to perk up and cool one down. It has that light and airt feel.
All hardware is accented by gold tone, including the twist-lock “CC” signature flap closure. There is a convenient trimmed patch pocket on the back of its exterior.
The classic golden tone chain has the linen fabric braided within. It is worn as a single strap and drapes nicely over the shoulder.
The pre-owned Chanel Single Chain flap´s interior is lined in smooth tan leather. The inside is roomy and features a large open slip-in pocket and a zippered pocket with a CC metal pull. 

Be inspired to remain cool with the authentic Chanel Single Chain in tan linen. This is a classic to enhance any smart diva’s wardrobe the one to break the heat.

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