The Chanel Vinyl Shopping Tote Withstands Any Weather Condition

The turning point for the people of France was the French Revolution which began on July 14, 1789. Bastille Day honors that era and is celebrated each year with spectacular style.

'La Fête Nationale' Bastille Day is a two-day stint beginning on the Eve of July 13th and concluding into the late hours the next evening. Even though all of France joins in the celebration, only in Paris does it explode. 

Where the Bastille once stood, a ball is held at the Place de la Bastille to commemorate the revolution’s start on the eve. A distinctive theme is chosen for this all night affair and attendee's arrived deck-out in elaborate fancy dress each and every year.

July 14th, Parisians get the strength from the previous events arrive early to the Champ-Elysees for the grand parade. From the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde, the procession of the French Arm Forces takes place, and the cheers are deafening. Besides all the action on the ground, in unison all heads are fixated above as the French Air Force planes put on an exhibition overhead by flying in formation.

The parade ends with the beloved Paris Fire Brigade marching. Once night falls, a mass crowd gathers near the Eiffel Tower in anticipation of the most glorious fireworks display to be seen in Paris
The fabulous anytime Chanel Vinyl Shopping Tote is created in sturdy and weather resistant black vinyl. It rains quite often in Paris. This is sure to remain forever trendy and can be used most everywhere.

The trademark CC logo is front and center on the exterior as a gold tone ornamental piece.The used Chanel shopper´s fabulous frame has a fresh look and immediately exudes elegance by its simple design and all gold tone hardware. There is a front as well as a back pocket on its exterior.
This large pre-owned Chanel tote has a partial chain linked strap interwoven with the black vinyl and extends to the top in all vinyl. Any woman will adore the look once it is placed over the shoulder and appreciate the comfort of the strap.

The interior is access via a top zip with an attached vinyl pull in the Chanel name on it in gold lettering.Inside is very spacious and able to hold quite a bit. It is lined satiny black fabric. The pre-owned shoulder handbag contains an inner zippered pocket to secure the wallet and keys.

The authentic Chanel Vinyl Shopping Tote is to take to a festival such as Bastille Day or the corner store to fill it up with fresh produce no matter the weather outside. It is that versatile.


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